Mega-Sena accumulated at $ 7 million, see the result of the contest 2,152

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Last Wednesday (14/5), the prize was at $ 3 million, but had no winner. The numbers drawn in the sequence were: 02 – 14 – 18 – 29 – 36 – 38. Check out this article the result of the contest 2.152 of Mega-Sena, and drawn on Saturday night (18) accumulated at $ 7 million.

Resultado da Mega-Sena accumulated at $ 7 million, see the result of the contest 2,152

Once again the Mega-Seine contest 2.152 is amassed, and stirring the imagination of Brazilians. That is, who can hit the six numbers of the draw this Saturday, can win the jackpot of $ 7 million.

The numbers drawn from the Mega-Seine contest 2.152 were:

49 – 36 – 29 – 26 – 59 – 50

On May 11, the lottery won R $ 289 million. This is the biggest prize in history, except for some of the turnaround Mega Sena we had. The winning player made a single bet of $ 3.50 over the internet and is from the state of Pernambuco .

The place where the winner lived was reported by Caixa Econômica Federal shortly after rumors of a Mega-Sena fraud . In fact, one of the arguments would be that Caixa did not reveal where the winning ticket was from.

For this Saturday, bets could be placed until 19h, either by lotteries or the internet, through internet banking or through the Caixa Concursos website. However, in order to participate you must be over eighteen, have a CPF registration and have a valid credit card.


According to the Caixa Econômica Federal, the odds of winning in each contest vary according to the number of dozens played and the type of bet placed. That is, the probability of winning the millionaire prize with a single bet, with only six dozen, in the Mega-Seine contest 2.152 is 1 in over 50 million. However, for a bet with 15 tens (upper limit), priced at $ 17,517.50, the probability of hitting the prize is 1 in 10,003.

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