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Add a little math, and we will see that the chances of meeting a particular opponent in the game at a long table are on average 1 to 55, that is, you can intersect the same opponent once in 55 hands (500/9 = 55). If we talk about a short table game with participants in the same pool (which has 500 people), then the probability of a second meeting does not exceed the indicator 1 time in 83 distributions (500/6 = 83).

In practice, this means that you will always play against the 먹튀검증 composition of participants, and it will take you many years to create a relatively reliable base of HUD stats for opponents. Even in order to get VPIP ( how often a player invests in pot ) and PFR ( percentage of hands that a player opens with a raise ), you need to play more than a thousand hands.

Therefore, you do not need to be a genius to realize the fact that with such an indicator of the frequency of meetings, you will need a huge distance in order to collect relevant data about your opponents.

High Card Combination Description

High card (from the English. “High Card”) – translates as “high card.” In poker, the concept of such a poker combination has several interpretations.

In most cases, it implies the absence of any combination of several cards, therefore it is not worth talking about winning the hand in this situation, although winning is not excluded . This will be the weakest poker hand possible. The victory is won by the player whose dignity the highest card will be higher than that of his rivals. And without any patterns.

If the players failed to make the remaining combinations, according to the rules of the gamethe face value of the cards is estimated – whoever has the highest is lucky. If there are two or more tall ones, then the second, then the third, fourth, fifth (before determining the winner) are taken into account.

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